UCONN Courses

UCONN Courses with Caribbean content

(via 2015-2016 Course Catalog)

ANTH3021 Contemporary Latin America

(Also offered as LLAS 3021.) Three credits. Survey of anthropological contributions to the study of contemporary Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Hispanic Caribbean. Special focus on the comparative analysis of recent ethnographic case studies and local/regional/national/international linkages.

ANTH/LLAS3029-The Caribbean

Comparative perspectives on the cultural formation of Caribbean societies; the region’s demographic, economic and political links with the wider world.

 ANTH 3041. Latin American Minorities in the United States

(Also offered as LLAS 3241). Three credits. Emphasis on groups of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban origin, including treatment and historical background, social stratification, informal social relations, ethnic perceptions, relations and the concept of Latino identity.

AASI/LLAS 3875 – Asian Diasporas in the Americas

Description: Transnational history of migration and settlement of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and South Asian diasporas across South, Central, and North America and the Caribbean, colonial through national period. Emphasis on political economy, racial formations, and constructions of national identity

AFRA 3206 – Black Experience in the Americas

Major themes in recent scholarship of African-descended communities in the Americas and their interconnection beyond geopolitical boundaries; race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, cultural movements and practices, slavery, political economy, political movements, and African consciousness, from historical perspective

AFRA/HIST/LLAS 3622 – History of Gender and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Topics may include: empire and colonialism/anti-colonialism; slavery, science, and the state; cultural practices and institutions; feminisms and masculinities; law and public policies; immigration; forms of labor and political mobilization; sex and reproduction; and human rights from historical perspective.

AFRA/HIST/LLAS 3619- History of the Caribbean    

Encounter experience; slavery, antislavery mobilization, and abolitionism; colonialism; citizenship and nation building; race and gender; political cultures and movements; migration/immigration; cultural production; and political economy; topics will be examined from a historical perspective.

AFRA/HIST 3620- Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Spanish Caribbean

Discovery and settlement, slavery and plantation economy, recent political and economic developments, and United States relations with the Spanish Caribbean.

ARTH3645- From Revolution to Reggae: Modern & Contemporary Caribbean Art   

A survey of art and visual production in the Caribbean from the 1804 Haitian Revolution to the present

ENGL 2301. World Literature in English

Three credits. English language literature from Africa, India, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, and other areas outside of the United States and the British Isles. Writers may include Soyinka, Gordimer, Walcott, Achebe, Markandaya, Atwood, White, Emecheta,Rushdie, Naipaul, Kincaid, and others.

FREN3218. Francophone Studies

Three credits. The literatures, societies, and cultures of French-speaking countries in North Africa, West Africa,the Caribbean, the Pacific and of Francophone North America

FREN3280- Fiction and Nonfiction by French and Francophone Women

FREN5380- Seminar in Francophone Literature

The study of the literature from the French-speaking world outside of France (Quebec, the Antilles, West Africa, the Maghreb) against the background of colonial and post-colonial history. May be repeated for credit with change of topic.

HIST1570- Migrant Workers in Connecticut

Interdisciplinary honors course on the life and work experiences of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean migrant workers with focus on Connecticut. Integrated service learning component. Field trips required

HIST1600/LLAS1190/LLAS1190W-Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean

Multidisciplinary exploration of the historical development of such aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean as colonization and nation formation; geography and the environment; immigration and migration; race, ethnicity, and gender in society, politics, economy, and culture.

HIST3609- Latin America in the National Period

(Also offered as LLAS 3609.) Three credits. Representative countries in North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean together with the historic development of inter-American relations and contemporary Latin American problems.

HIST3621- Cuba in Local and Global Perspective

Major themes in Cuban politics and culture. Local and global perspective. Key topics include race, gender, class, cultural movements and practices, slavery, political economy and movements, nationalism.

HIST3660W- History of Migration in Las Americas

Applies broad chronological and spatial analyses of origins of migration in the Americas to the experiences of people of Latin American origin in Connecticut. Addresses a range of topics from the initial settlement of the Americas to 21st century migrations.

HIST5630- The Historical Development of the Caribbean

Theories and case studies of Caribbean history. Recent theoretical debates and cases of Caribbean history including: economy, politics, culture, community formation; political mobilization; slavery and emancipation; nation and state formation; law; immigration and emigration; intellectual traditions; gender, race, and class analyses.

LLAS3029- The Caribbean         

Comparative perspectives on the cultural formation of Caribbean societies; the region’s demographic, economic and political links with the wider world.

LLAS/SPAN 3265- Literature of Puerto Rico and the Spanish Caribbean

Readings and discussions of major authors and works of the Spanish Caribbean with special emphasis on Puerto Rico.

LLAS/POLS 3667- Puerto Rican Politics and Culture

Legal and political history of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States with an emphasis on the question of United States empire and the politics of cultural resistance.

LLAS 3270- Latino Political Behavior

(Formerly offered as PRLS 3270.) (Also offered as POLS 3662.) Three credits. Latino politics in the United States. Political histories of four different Latino populations:

Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central American. Different forms of political expressions, ranging from electoral behavior to political art

 MAST3531- Maritime Archaeology of the Americas

Archaeological and historical sources to examine the development of seafaring practices, exploration, waterborne trade and economic systems, naval warfare and shipbuilding in the Americas from the fifteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century.

MUSI1107- Steel Pan Ensemble            

Performance of a repertoire that varies from the traditional calypso and soca styles of Trinidad and Tobago to today’s pop music. No previous musical experience required.

SOCI2827(W)- Revolutionary Social Movements Around the World

Lectures and documentary films on the Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions and movements in South Africa and the Middle East.

SWEL5310- Services to Immigrants and Refugees and Cross-Culture Helping

Examines and connects concepts from migration studies with social work practice knowledge. Highlights the influence of immigration policy and procedures on the lives of immigrants and on service delivery and social work practice. Examines the interrelationship between sending and receiving countries and examines the experiences of individuals in the home country with their experiences in the new country. Emphasizes cultural and cross-cultural issues in each of the migration stages. Highlights different cultural views on health, mental health, help-seeking behavior, family and child-rearing practices and gender role behavior, family and child-rearing practices and gender role behavior.