Human Rights in the Southern Cone: Spotlight on Argentina

University of Connecticut Early College Experience Workshop
December 12, 2014

Curriculum Introduction and Credits

Video: Images of Argentina’s rich culture, contrasted with the dark side of history from 1976-1983.
Created by Kathryn Cooke & Shilpa Rajbahak, Branford High School, Branford, CT, Class of 2015


Unit 1 Human Rights
Focus: current events, human rights, history-overview of the Dirty War (DW), photography

Unit 2 Freedom
Focus: censorship, exile, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and literature

Unit 3 The Repressed and the Repressors
Focus: history, human rights, literature, politics, testimonials

Unit 4 Truth and Justice
Focus: history, politics, primary source documents

Unit 5 Crime Wave in the Southern Cone
Focus: declassified documents, international political affairs, political cartoon study

Unit 6 Memory is a Verb
Focus on concluding activities: activist art, collective memory, healing from trauma, legacy of the Dirty War, political cartoons, street art 

Note to Teachers
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Web Designers and Research Assistants
Jason Hackett, Joshua Josephy-Zack, Mia Josephy-Zack
Branford High School, Class of 2020

Photography Contributions
Special thanks to Caitlin Daley, Branford High School, Class of 2016, for generously sharing photographs of the disappeared at the Museo de la Memoria, Plaza San Martín, Córdoba, Argentina. The Museo de la Memoria is the actual police building that was a clandestine centre for detention and torture during the dirty war 1976-1983.