Spring 2016 Caribbean Initiative Working Group

UCONN’s Caribbean Initiative is pleased to announce its first one-semester research group: Transnational Caribbean Parenting. Graduate and advanced undergraduate students can participate for course credit by enrolling in the one-credit POLS 5010-005. The research group will meet seven times over the course of the spring 2016 semester with plans to discuss, among other themes, “barrel children” as explored in the creative and social scientific writings of Pamela K. Marshall, C. Crawford-Brown & J.M. Rattray, and Audrey Pottinger; Marcia C. Inhorn, Wendy Chavkin & José-Alberto Navarro’s Globalized Fatherhood; the dissertation research of Sociology and ELIN doctoral student, Ruth Marleen Hernandez; and Tatiana Fernández Geara’s new film, Nana.

For more information, contact CI Director Melina Pappademos (melina.pappademos@UConn.edu).

UCONN’s Caribbean Initiative


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